How to get the most from your live chat service

Be available 24/7

Firstly, make sure it’s manned 24/7. Studies have shown that and unmanned chat service can be more damaging to the impression your website visitor has of your business than having no live chat service at all. Manning your chat service 24/7 can be onerous for small business. The alternatives are do away with the live chat service altogether, or move to a managed live chat service, where the agents that man the site are included in the package.

Be Friendly

Ideally your chat should be friendly. A chat is just that – it’s a chat! Almost like chatting to an acquaintance. Your website visitor is seeking assistance or information. You should be aiming to be welcoming and supportive. Always start a chat with a smile, it can be felt through the keyboard!

Be helpful

I know it sounds obvious but I have been on sites where all you get is: “One of our experts will get in touch with you”. Why have a chat service – it’s not really a service is it… Answer all the questions you can. Demonstrate that your service or offer can provide value, this will maximise the potential of your chat generating a true lead.

Be prompt

Once you have your semi / qualified lead, act promptly. Make sure you or your sales team respond quickly. You have the gold of a lead. It’s the outcome of all of your marketing investment, the advertising, the investment in your website and any other investment you made in getting your name out there… Don’t let it go to waste.

It can be simple to be effective – the biggest challenge will be manning your chat 24/7. Consider a manned live chat service, it will be more effective and cost much less than you think and generate leads that will assist you to grow your business.