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Our agents pro-actively engage with your website visitors and deliver the best customer service every time!  More than 95% of your website visitors leave without converting. We give your conversion numbers a boost with our great sales and customer service employees on your website, 24/7. We promise quality live chat staff who are experts in your industry.

How Oxnia Live Chat Works?

Install Oxnia Chat Code

Firstly, we provide you a script(4 lines of code) that your web designers install on your website to get started. We also have a in-house team to help install that code on your website free of charge if you wish.

Setup Triggers

Depending upon your business requirements we setup automatic greetings and triggers to serve your website visitors

Agent Training

Our agents familiarise themselves with your business(website) and services through FAQs provided by you or by studying your website or any other material provided.

Go Live

Now we are all set to meet and greet your website visitors through our advanded live chat software and get you leads and more leads.

Get more than 45% increase in online sales/lead generation

We offer the most advanced live chat service to your customers. Our chat agents are experts at providing excellent customer service

  • We will bring you new and pre-qualified customers
  • We know how to save you time and money
  • We study your website and your business goals to serve your clients

live chat vs phone support